The Curriculum

At Wavell Heights Kindergarten the children, staff and families are acknowledged as co-constructors of the curriculum. At the heart of this is warm and respectful relationships between the educators, the children and their families. These relationships are viewed as an integral and essential component of the teaching and learning process.

Children are given the time and space to explore their environment through play, to make discoveries and to consolidate their learning through many “hands-on” experiences as well as interest-based learning. The educators believe that this is how children become intrinsically motivated to learn. At Wavell Heights Kindergarten your child will experience many opportunities to explore, solve problems, develop friendships, use their creativity, and play.

You will see the educators engaging the children at their level. They take the time to know and listen to their children so that they are able to scaffold their learning appropriately. They guide and support children to be curious, capable and collaborative learners. Educators believe children are powerful learners and active citizens.

Wavell Heights Kindergarten uses three main guiding documents, the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG), the national Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF), and C&Ks new The C&K Curriculum Approach. These frameworks link to the National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care and provide the educators with a strong basis for the high-quality program.

The educators recognise the importance of taking time to prepare children for a transition to school and a life-long love of learning. They have strong working relationships with the local schools and value the importance of providing a smooth and positive transition to school for the children.